SOLD! – Robert Eickholt Silver Veil (color changing) Glass Paperweight Opalescent Bubble, signed – USA (OH)


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What: Signed Robert Eickholt glass opalescent paperweight. It is made with silver-veiled glass (only a few glass artists in the world work with it.) Because of that in natural light this piece is transparent with a hint of soft blue and the amber color appearing and in artificial light the color varies from amber to opaque blue depending upon the lighting. You can see in the first photo that the part of the piece in sun is blue and the small part of it that is in shadow is dark amber. Obviously display lighting will make a great deal of difference with this piece and it looks spectacular on a light box. The color also changes as you move around the room, making it a very interesting piece. If you prefer the blue put it against a black background to accentuate it.

In addition to the changing color it features bubbles of all sizes which appear to be floating in a cloud. It is an oversized, slightly oval in shape and very heavy. This bubble technique is something that Eickholt is known for.  He has recently retired and the value of his work is on the rise. It is signed with his full signature, date and WMV3.

When: Dated 1994, he did a series of similar designs over 10 years.

Where: Eickholt Studios in Columbus OH.

Size: 3.5″h x 3″w, weighs over 2 lbs.

Condition: Excellent. I’m not seeing any scratches or dings on this one.

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