Gerold Porzellan 1940s Porcelain Rearing Horse – Germany


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SOLD!  This is a rare white rearing horse by Gerold Porzellan.  It was made in Germany likely in 1948 or 1949.  The green mark is one used prior to 1949 with an added attribution to West Germany with a hyphen.  Marks after 1949 do not have the hyphen.  

I have found other rearing horses by this company but they are not as large or the same shape.  This one is unique.  A great gift for the horse lover in your life. 

Size: 11″h, base – 5.25″l x 3.5″w

Condition*: Excellent condition, no chips that I can see.  On the joint of one of the front legs there is what appears to be a short fissure but I believe this was part of it’s making and not a post manufacture accident.  It is smooth and glazed over the top of it and the line does not appear to extend beyond what you can see visually.  I have included a picture of it.   There are unglazed areas where the bottom of the elbow joins the belly of the horse, I’m assuming there was a support there while the piece was being worked on/fired.

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