SOLD! – Early Mary-Melinda Wellsandt “Delicate” Sand Etched Art Glass vase Branch & Leaf – USA



What: Early art glass vase by Mary-Melinda Wellsandt in her “Delicate” pattern. This features twig and leaf design which has been sand etched and painted in shades of green, yellow and red by hand on a frosted surface which gets clearer as you approach the bottom of the piece. These pieces are done individually using a sandblaster to carve away the glass surface, then permanent paints and enamels fill in the negative spaces. They way this piece is lit will make a lot of difference in how it appears in person so I’ve tried to show it to you in different lighting/background situations. Polished pontil on the base.

From the artists website: “This line begins with an original photograph, usually from walks around my local neighborhood. Through an intricate and complicated process I carve the image deeply into the glass. I then diligently paint them by hand in many layers to create the depth and variation of color you experience. These pieces can withstand UV exposure and are also meant to be functional.”

Initially I was confused because this piece is not signed and her work typically is but you can see where there is a shadow of a label on the interior so I contacted the artist directly and she confirmed by email that yes, this is one of her creations, a very early one from prior to her signing her work. This design/shape is not currently available in this exact form but similar pieces in the same pattern sell new for $200 – $250.

Size: 5.5″h x 4″w x 2″ d at rim

Condition*: No defects.

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