I’ve been seeing a lot of people in my online antique groups saying the same thing “I can’t wait until I can go antiquing again!”

I wasn’t one of them.

Although Georgia began to re-open April 23rd, I was not one of the first people in line, better for them to work out the kinks first was my thought.  But eventually, I did mosey out to a few estate sales and it felt a bit like Goldilocks seeking that “just right” bed.

Here is what I found on my first trip out:

Estate sale number one was a small scale sale, more of a moving sale than a true estate sale and I have to say I wasn’t happy with what I saw in terms of precautions. Other than a social distancing sign on the front door you wouldn’t have any idea there was a pandemic going on. Not only were none of the staff wearing masks (I was) but many of the sale areas and the check-out/hold area were set up in small confined areas making social distancing darn near impossible. Fortunately for me it was later in the day and there was not much of a crowd so I was able proceed in relative safety. But I didn’t linger in the confined areas to sort through things, so potential lost sales for them…

Purchases: This uber cool Cambridge keyhold vase in Wildflower etch was the first thing (and almost the only thing) to catch my eye.  Also this Royal Albert “Provincial Flowers” teacup.

Final analysis: This sale was too soft, I didn’t feel comfortable there and I won’t be back to any of their sales anytime soon.


Estate sale number two was the polar opposite.  A large sale complete with social distancing, a fixed number of guests allowed in/out and masks required. We would later find out that the company owner had been ill with covid and thus he took it very seriously.  While I felt very safe with the precautions I was not happy to be shuffled into the smallest room in the house to make my purchases along with several other people.

Purchases: I was delighted to find a signed watercolor print by artist Betsey Fowler (the third and largest I have found) and a set of Dunoon (Scotland) “The Hunt” mugs. 

Final analysis: This sale was too hard.  Overall I felt safe there and I will be back but I still didn’t feel comfortable there.


Estate sale number three was right in the middle.  A medium sized sale with precautions noted on the door. While masks were not required, all the staff were wearing them and there were numerous signs inside reminding people to keep their distance.  Additionally, the check out area was in an open space and ony one customer at a time was allowed in it.  Others were asked to wait their turn from a safe distance.

Purchases:  Two sets of majolica type pottery plates and a lovely Pilgrim Glass vase in cranberry swirl, a personal favorite of mine.

Final analysis: This sale was “just right,” I felt safe there and I’ll be adding this company to my “visit again” list.


I should mention at this junction what we are doing to deal with the current covid conditions.  None of these practices are anything new to us but I thought we should mention them.  First, all new purchases are allowed to sit for a time before they are photographed to allow any potential contamination to die off.  Second, new purchases are cleaned before photographing and third, we will only be purchasing items that can be easily cleaned.   

Here are all my purchases for the day.  You can find my purchases on our FB page –@AToBVintage (where I give those subscribed to the page a #sneakpeek of new items and an opportunity to purchase before those items are formally listed on Etsy or this website.)


 It’s a brave new world out there, happy antiquing to all and please be safe. 😀

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