Recently on our Facebook page we played “What Is It” using only the picture on the left above.  Here’s a bit more about our covert teapot.


What: 40 oz. Queen Elizabeth II bust teapot.

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Paul Cardew

Who:  This was designed by well known British teapot designer and ceramicist Paul Cardew who is still an active designer today.  He first started designing teapots in the 1970s and launched in the US market in the early 1990s.  His teapots are very collectible and sell well on the secondary market.

When:  This piece was created in 2002 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee (1952 – 2002), hence the gold crown.  This was a limited edition piece and was produced for a few months in 2002.

Where:  Made in England

What’s it worth?  These teapots are currently selling in the $100 – $150 price range.  Their value on the secondary market has tripled since The Crown first aired a few years ago.  Prior to that they were selling in the $40 range.  I would expect when the TV show ends that the value of these will drop at least a bit.  

Other examples of his work:

Image result for paul cardew cool catz teapots

Cool Catz line, photo credit: PurelyPortmeirion

Image result for paul cardew cat teapots

Alice in Wonderland line

Image result for paul cardew walt disney teapots

Walt Disney line

I currently have one of his mugs in my Etsy shop: A Thing of Beauty VF

Paul Cardew teapots mug


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