Designer:  Yona Lippen 

What:  Stylized mid-century modern horses hand painted glass tidbit/relish tray.

When: 1940s & 50s, the factory closed in 1957.

Where:  Los Angeles, CA. 

The Rest of the Story: WWII allowed many female ceramicists to come to the forefront of the industry in California.  Yona Lippen was one of these artists.  Very little is known of artist/designer Yona Lippen before or after her artistic career which makes me wonder if that was her public rather than her private name.  What is known is that she began her career as a ceramic decorator working for famous ceramicist Hedi Schoop in California.  Later, possibly as early as the 1940s, she and her husband formed their own company, Yona Ceramics.  They primarily produced “kitsch” style ceramics  and a glass line featuring stylized horses.   Her ceramic “pretty ladies” were similar to Schoop’s but unique in their own right. Her figurines were smaller-scale than Schoops with three-dimensional “add-ons” such as ceramic bows, ribbons, and spaghetti enhancements.   

We currently have this 15″ 5-section tray for sale here in our shop so please check our listings:


Other examples of Yona Glass:  

12″ Square tray

Black Chip/Dip bowl


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