Designer:  Robert Allen (1858 – 1934) 

What:  Fine quality porcelain tableware.

When: 1870 – 1929

Where:  Various Doulton pottery locations in England. 

The Rest of the Story: Robert Allen was one of Royal Doulton potteries finest painters.  He joined Doulton as an apprentice painter about 1870 and quickly rose through the ranks becoming one of Doulton’s most valuable decorators.  In 1914 he established his own design studio where he produced many patterns for the factory’s tableware.  He is known for his striped Art Deco patterns.  He was also a watercolor painter in private life.  His work was exhibited at the Chicago and St. Louis Exhibitions, as well as Paris, Turin and Brussels.

Identification/dating tips –  Robert Allen designs have the letters RA preceding the production number.  These production numbers can be researched and will tell when the piece was produced, in this case November 1912.  His designs were produced in small quantities and were not reproduced by the company so they are rarer than most Doulton pieces.

Other Art Deco examples:


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