If you own a kitchen, you probably also own at least one piece of Pyrex.  Last week on our facebook page (@AToBVintage) I asked if anyone knew when this workhorse product was introduced.  Answers ranged from 1895 to 1930. 

What:  Transparent and opaque bakeware of all types.

When: 1915 – present

Where:  USA – Corning Glass Works, Corning NY 

The Rest of the Story: A German chemist, Otto Schott, was the first to develop borosilicate glass in 1893.  It was sold under the brand name “Duran” and was mainly used in science equipment.  In the intervening 22 years Corning made some developments to the product to make it safe for food use.  Then came WWI, when imports from Germany were disrupted and unwanted.  Corning realized this was the perfect time to launch their new product and in 1915 Pyrex made its public debut, positioning itself as an American-produced alternative to Duran.

Most valuable: There is an active community of Pyrex collectors.  Rare designs and prototypes command high prices in the four digits.

Promotional Turquoise Gold Birds – $4000+

“Lucky in Love” Covered Casserole 

 “Golden Sunflower”

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