On our Facebook page (@AToBVintage) we like to play games and one of them is “What is It?”  Recently I asked that about these lovelies and received a variety of responses ranging from car vase to chandelier candle wax catchers.  All good guesses, none of them correct.   

So, what is it?

What:  Glass shelf supports, they came in several forms as you can see in this old advertisement.  You can also see that they were pricey for the time period.

Creator: Various US glass manufacturers, the style of the supports will help to determine which one.

When: These were made 1900 – 1920s, making them genuine antiques.  

The Rest of the Story:  These are found occasionally in thrift and antique shops and often sold online misidentified as vases, soda fountain glasses, hat stands and even….martini glasses.  Sometimes they are a pale purple in color (they were not made that way, that is “sun purpling” which happens when glass is left in direct sun for too long.)  Their true use is as shelf supports for glass shelves in stores.  You can see a lot of them in the window display below – if you look hard enough.  

Value: These are sought after and range in value from $75 to $150/pair depending on which style you have.

Other examples:

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