What:  Ceramic dinnerware, lamps, tile, home decor items

Designer: Ernestine Virden-Cannon (1904-1969)

When: 1948 – 1969

Where:  Salerno, Italy

The Rest of the Story: Ernestine Virden-Cannon, was an American ceramicist and designer of dinnerware whose business, “Ernestine”, was based in Italy. Cannon lived in Salerno during the Second World War, and established her business after the war ended.  Immediately her earthenware attracted wide attention and her line was picked up by upscale department stores.  Today, examples of her ceramics are housed in museums.

Ernestine Ceramics was respected for its designs but also for its advanced high quality glazes and finishes which were created by the well-known German chemical engineer, Horst Simonis, whom Ernestine hired in the early 1950′s.

Her tableware was hand decorated so production of her beautiful pieces was very limited.  Because of this, few Americans are aware of this important pottery or it’s female designer. 

Identification tips – look for this signature and clean mid-century modern shapes.

Most valuable: Lamps

Other work:

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