Recently a follower on our Facebook page (@AToBVintage) sent me a few pictures of her Paragon tea cup, wondering what I could tell her about it.  So “Alice,” here is what I found.

What:  “Double Warrant” Paragon tea cup in an unknown/unnamed floral pattern.

Creator: Paragon China Company – manufacturer of bone china from 1919 to 1960.  Paragon produced high quality china and was granted royal warrants of appointment by several members of the British Royal Family.

When: This double warrant mark was used 1939 – 1949.  This tea cup features two different Royal Warrant marks (which are a mark of recognition to individuals or companies who have supplied goods or services to the Royal family for at least five years.)  Warrants indicate excellence, quality and are highly prized by manufacturers.

Where:  England

The Rest of the Story:  In searching our subscription online sales site (which contains 10+ years worth of sales results) as well as several other websites I was unable to find a single example of this pattern so we can’t say what this cup might sell for in today’s market.  Similar style/age cups have sold in the $35 range and there is currently a similar cup listed for $60 (but asking price does not equal sold price imho.)  Assuming no cracks, chips, stains etc. I think that gives you a good range for value. 

I would also say that the bottom dropped out of the antiques market in 2008 and it is still in recovery mode, I think china values will continue to rise somewhat – but will they recover their pre-2008 values?  It’s anybody’s guess.

Other examples:

Currently listed on this site.

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