What:  Limited edition serigraph “Social Hour.”

A serigraph is created when paint is ‘pushed’ through a screen onto paper (in past times a silkscreen but today many types of materials are used.)   A different screen is used for each color and this results in a print with great color density and similarity to the color saturation of the original piece. The process also adds some texture to the final product. 

Creator: Itzchak Tarkay, artist  

When: 2004

Where:  Israel

The Rest of the Story:  Itzchak Tarkay was born into a Jewish family near the Yugoslav-Hungarian border in 1935 . He and his family were interred in a concentration camp during WWII before being liberated at the end of the war.   In 1949, his family immigrated to Israel where he completed his Art education.  In spite of all the terrible things he must have seen as a child he has chosen to focus his artwork on the hopeful instead of the hateful.  

Identification tips – look for this signature and images of elegant women with blue eye shadow in peaceful social scenes together.  

Other work:

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