What:  Pre-1860 hand-loomed woven coverlet.     These coverlets were commissioned pieces, loom-woven by trained weavers.  Coverlets are 2 loom widths, sewn together, reversible and are common in red, white, blue and natural.  Green and gold are less common.  They were popular until about 1850 – 60.  Often the coverlet contains a corner block with the name of the weaver, weavers location, name of the recipient and the year made.

Maker: Matthias Mann, professional weaver  

When: 1840 – 1860

Where:  Hanover, PA

The Rest of the Story:  I found this coverlet at a church rummage sale, saw it from two tables over and thought “it couldn’t be.”  Well it was and I did.  Sadly this coverlet was not treated like the treasure it is and is in rough condition.  While the fabric is sturdy and has no rips or tears, it is heavily stained.  Watch for future blog posts when I attempt to clean it. 😀

Matthias Mann was born in Germany in 1803.  He came to the US in 1832 and worked the remainder of his life as weaver in Hanover PA.  None of his work is dated.  His work must have been steady as examples of his work still come up for auction regularly (but not often.)

Value:  Coverlets in good to excellent condition can sell from $200 to $1200.  Exceptional examples sell for more.  It pays to take care of your family heirlooms folks.

Other examples:



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