What:  Fake “19th century” shaving mugs and mustache cups

Maker: “Brandenburg” aka unknown manufacturer

When: 1970 – present?

Where:  China & possibly other countries

The Rest of the Story: I purchased the mustache cup above last week at an estate sale.  The price was reasonable, the piece was undamaged and, most desirable of all, it was a left handed cup (they’re rarer.)  Upon returning home I began my research and was delighted to find them listed as late 1800s and selling in the $50 plus range.  But…. there was a red flag waving – more than one.  First, there were too many of them on eBay etc. to be the claimed age and second, most of them were left handed.  Third, and more importantly, I could find no information on the mysterious “Brandenburg” maker. 

A little more digging confirmed my suspicions – Brandenburg, while an actual area in Germany, is NOT a manufacturers name.  You will notice that nowhere does it say Germany or any other country of origin.  If you see this mark DO NOT BUY, they are fakes, impostors from China, made to deceive.  

This is also a lesson in why you should buy from reputable dealers (aka Cherish) WHO DO THEIR RESEARCH.  Just checking Worthpoint or some other sales service for values is not enough.  If there is wrong information out there it will just be repeated – as many sellers on eBay and other sites are now doing.  If that was as far as we went in our research here, we would be selling this in error as well.  Here at Cherish we go the extra step, we look up the marks, we scour the internet for information from multiple sites.  I promise you we do everything we can to sell you an authentic product.

Value:  These are selling misrepresented on the internet in the $30 – $50 range.  As a fake, my feeling is that they are worth nothing.

Other examples:


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