Recently I had lunch with some friends and the discussion turned to estate sales, specifically, how we determined which ones to visit.  One friend said she chooses by the size of the house, the bigger the better in her mind.  Another, by the age of the house, she won’t go to sales in new subdivisions because “they’ve spent all their money on the house.”  I do find some truth in that but, being that resale is my business, I told them I shop by the company doing the estate sale andthat determines whether I go the first day of the sale, the last, or whether I bother to go at all… 

That conversation got me thinking about whether you can create hard and fast rules for estate sales.  You know, that “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” thing.  What I would say, as a veteran shopper, is that you can’t judge the contents by the exterior but you can judge the contents by it’s setting.  In other words, “the view from the front porch (or the back…)”  

I’ve tested my theory and found it true.  People who place a high value on beauty from the inside looking out do seem to also place a high value on the beauty within – regardless of the size of their home.  Consider the front porch picture, that home was small by most standards, older and had seen better days, yet still quaint and with good bones.  But the setting, ah, the setting was magnificent, park like and, even though in the midst of a congested area, felt like being in the country.  The contents did not disappoint either.  Even a day into the sale there was still a lovely collection of tea cups and many other fine items to be found.  My only wish – that estate sale listings would show us “the view from the front porch.”  It would make my job so much easier. 😀


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